A Quick And Easy Way To Keep Your Candles Clean


If you’re as i am, you cherish candle lights. They generate a cozy and appealing setting in any area. But one thing that will destroy the ideal candlestick-lit up evening happens when your candle starts collecting airborne dirt and dust. The good news is, there’s a simple way to prevent this from going on. Through making your candle dust cover, you can keep your candles neat and dirt-cost-free. Here’s how:

What You’ll Need to have:

●1/4 garden of light-weight-weight cloth (I utilized quilting pure cotton)



●A pen or chalk for marking the material

●A ruler or tape measure

● An iron and ironing table (optionally available)

● A sewing unit (optional)


1. Trim your fabric right into a sq . that is certainly no less than 2 ” greater than your candle on every side.

2. Mark a collection 1/4 inch from your edge of the fabric all the way about.

3. Sew or metal along the designated range to produce a binding. If you’re utilizing a sewing device, set it up into a direct stitch and utilize a line that matches your material. If you’re hand-sewing, work with a whip stitch or other similar stitch.

4. Slide the dirt deal with over your candle and savor!

If you’re using this dirt include outside the house, make sure to take it inside when it’s not being used. This will aid to improve its existence. It is possible to customize the protect to fit your décor through the use of different fabric and trims.

Creating your own personal candle dust cover is a quick and easy way to protect your candles from dirt. You can present candles having a candle dust cover to get a distinctive and functional current. Use this project today!


Making your personal candle dust cover is a simple and fast way to protect your candles from airborne dirt and dust. Following these straightforward recommendations, you can keep your candle lights searching and burning like new. Change the deal with to fit your décor through the use of diverse fabrics and trims. With this particular dust deal with, you may enjoy your candle lights worry-free.