Importance Of Finding Out If Your Dog Is Allergic To Certain Foods?


Many people are surprised to learn that their beloved pets can suffer from allergies and food sensitives, just like humans. The percent of dogs with food allergies is estimated very low in comparison to dogs that suffer from food sensitives which 3 out of 5 dogs.

While the symptoms of a food allergy and sensitivities can vary from dog to dog, they both include itching, excessive licking, recurrent ear infections, and behavior issues. So, how do you find out if your pet is suffering due to food sensitivities and how to prepare Fresh Food for dog food sensitivity test?
How to Tell if Your Dog has Food Sensitivities
The best way to determine if your dog has food sensitives is with a at home test. The Whole Pet Wellness Panel food and environment test is a great option, it’s affordable, simply send in a hair sample to our lab, and receive your dogs results in about 14 days. Or you can visit your veterinarian who will likely recommend doing a food elimination diet trial, wherein you remove all potential allergens from your dog’s diet for 8-12 weeks and then slowly introduce them back one at a time while monitoring your dog’s reaction. This process can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Once you discover which foods your dog can not eat, then you can consider homemade fresh food options over commercial foods. Many commercial dog foods contain fillers and preservatives that can trigger reactions that cause your dog discomfort. The good news is that there are a number of Fresh Food for dogs with allergies that are specifically tailored with limited ingredients. You maybe delighted to find, that our website offers homemade recipes that you can make for your pup that are nutritious.
Choose which test options to try out
● One test involves feeding your dog small amounts of different foods (one at a time) and seeing if there is any change in their symptoms, the food elimination diet.
● Another test involves sending a hair sample to our lab and getting results in 14 days. It’s a no brainer!
To achieve the quickest results and get your pet feeling better is with the Whole Pet Wellness Panel food and environment at home test kit. Along with a fresh food diet that has eliminated the foods your dog is reactive to is the best options to ensure that your furry friend remains healthy and happy.