Important facts about breast augmentation procedures


Plastic surgeries are no longer a luxury, as they can make people’s lives better on many levels. Breast implants and augmentations are pretty much the most common types of these surgeries. Dr Leonard Hochstein, a super star in the plastic surgery field, believes that consulting a surgeon who is not board-certified is a huge risk. He recommends picking a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to ensure your safety and the success of the procedure.
Breast augmentation definition
Breast augmentation falls into the category of common surgical procedures. The sole purpose of this operation is to make the breasts larger. This procedure helps women with small breasts enjoy a bigger size and a better shape of this important part of their bodies. Also, women with breast cancer who had a mastectomy can benefit from augmentation procedures and techniques. Success of this procedure requires using the right type of implants. In some cases, augmentation procedures are done using fat cell transfers.
The major types of breast augmentation implants
Breast augmentation comes in various types and options. When you have a sit-down with your plastic surgeon, you might be surprised that there are other types other than silicone implants. Here is an overview of one the most famous kinds of implants:
Saline augmentation implants
This is the other famous type of prosthetics that are implanted in the chest wall of female patients. This implant consist of sterile solution of saline. The implants are placed into your body before being filled with the sterile salt water. Then the solution gets pumped into the implants as per the required and agreed size. This option is less invasive compare to silicone implants, as the latter requires making larger incisions in the chest area. Another good thing about saline implants is the safety of the filled solution. In case the implants break for whatever reasons, the saltwater is not toxic or harmful. And your system will eventually get rid of it like any other absorbed type of water.
Dr. Hochstein or the “boob god” as called in the media, advises women to find a surgeon who offers a variety of implants that can cover the needs of their patients.