Is online soil a Large bag of dirt


If you get large bags of dirt from Kuskatorpet, you receive our very own nutritionally earth, increased with solely organic manure. Once you place an order along with us, the big totes will probably be supplied straight to your doorstep through our fleet of crane pickup trucks. Once you submit an order, you may reveal the actual area that you want us to decrease off the massive travelling bag, generating by using a crane less difficult and much more effective. Learn more about large sack of soil (storsäck jord).

We also supply volume shipping and delivery of higher-high quality pea gravel, pavers, rock flour, and include bark if required for construction.

Kuskatorpet supplies great soil

We constantly be sure that the soil along with other materials we use are of the highest quality, and the same goes for the providers and goods we offer. Customers in Halmstad as well as the surrounding place may take full advantage of our cost-effective bag pickup support and home delivery options.

Kuskatorpet continues to be creating land for more than a century, and then we worth our garden soil and the opportunity to offer excellent items to the earth and our future. As a result, we just use biological fertilizer to enrich the soil we offer, and it’s been explicitly designed to foster the development of various plants. We certainly have numerous earth offered to our consumers in travelling bag type, including lawn earth, vegetation soil, gown grime, and green house dirt, as well as our individuals brings it straight to your door in one of our cars.


Our nutritional-rich earth is ideal when planting a yard, whether or not with seeds or rolled grass. By setting a purchase order along with us, you may have the big handbag delivered directly to your door, kickstarting the installation process in some time. If you want to read more about the garden soil we use for our yards, just click here.