Top games to enjoy at your baby shower party


Baby showers are fun, and these can be made more fun if good games are played. It is not easy to pick the games that you want to include in the baby shower event, mainly because of the time limitations. If you want to have a good and enjoyable baby shower party, you should not drag it to more than three hours. It must stick to the time frame if you want all the guests to enjoy in a proper manner. In this article, we will give you some cool ideas for baby shower games that you should include in your baby shower party. Many people go clueless when they have to decide about the baby shower games, and this is why it is important to decide about the games before you plan the party. Celebrating the arrival of a new baby is a wonderful way of bringing friends, family members, and colleagues together, and if you add fun-filled games to your party, you can add to the spice!

Top games to include
Following are the top games that you must include when you are planning to throw a baby shower party for your friends, family, and colleagues.

• Guessing game – This is a great game to play at baby showers and keeping all your guests engaged. For this game, you will require the baby photos of all your guests, and you can let the guests guess who is who? The one who guesses most of them right wins!
• Who knows more about the mother? This is a game especially for the mom to be. In this game, you plan a lot of questions, and before the party starts, you write those questions and the right answers on a paper. Then you read the questions loud and let the guests write their answers. The one with more correct answers win!
• Guess the gender – This is a quite common but filled with fun game. You should not reveal the gender and should let the guests guess it!